SNP MEP on "very concerning" Oona King allegations

09 December 2004
Call for MEP to be named so investigation can be considered

Commenting on allegations made by the Labour MP Oona King that a Labour MEP offered her ÂŁ10,000 from his office budget to sleep with him, SNP MEP Alyn Smith has called on Ms King to name the Labour Euro-MP concerned.

Speaking from Brussels, Alyn Smith MEP:

"This pretty tawdry wee piece of Labour sleaze has emerged from under the carpet where Ms King swept it all those years ago and has firmly kept it ever since. These are very serious allegations of appalling behaviour by a senior Labour politician and Ms King and the Labour Party have a responsibility to end the ongoing speculation which damages everyone in the European Parliament. It's irresponsible in the extreme to make allegations of this nature and not expect media interest. The only way to put an end to the feeding frenzy is for Ms King and the Labour Party to name the Labour MEP concerned.

This is a story that could do yet more damage to the reputation of the European Parliament - and that's why we need all of the facts out in the open as soon as possible. It's only then that we'll know how the necessary investigation can proceed.

After all, there has been an allegation of an attempt to use expenses for a purpose that I'm pretty sure is outside the rules. Part of me remains surprised that a member of the Labour party was capable of such creative budgetary thinking. "