SNP MEP slams constitution "Jamboree"

11 January 2005
"At best arrogant, at worst crass in the extreme"

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has today reacted to the news that a party paid for by the taxpayer is planned in Strasbourg tomorrow after the vote on the European Constitution.

Mr Smith said:

"I'm staggered to hear that a party has been planned to celebrate a vote that has not happened yet. How arrogant that those in favour of this flawed constitution could organise such a jamboree without letting us know. It also assumes that we will vote in favour when I will certainly be voting no."

"At the very least it is crass in the extreme, coming a day after MEPs were falling over themselves to tell the world how upset they were by the tsunami disaster and bidding for who could call for the highest charity donation. And a day later the champagne starts flowing again how disgraceful. I cannot think of a worse signal for the Parliament to give the people of Europe."