SNP MEP calls for Kilroy-Silk resignation

02 February 2005
'Veritas? Vanitas more like it!' - Alyn Smith

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has today reacted with derision to Robert Kilroy Silk's establishment of his own party because he was unable to work with UKIP members after they refused to allow him to lead that party.

Alyn Smith MEP said:

"I hear tell Mr Kilroy-Silk is looking to stand for Westminster. Then he should use a bit of veritas and be honest with the people who elected him and resign as an MEP. Veritas? Vanitas more like it!

"There is an argument to be had over whether an independent Scotland or the UK as it stands should be in the EU or not, I'm a "yes" in that argument and I'm not afraid of that argument, but Mr Kilroy-Silk is just a joker.

"He's achieved nae nothing in all the time he has been elected as an MEP, instead he would rather just make a fool of himself and then kid on the folks back home he is being disruptive. It is just shabby.

"The sad fact is, he and the rest of the UKIP merry band were elected by the English people to go and fight for them, not make fools of them. They won no seats in Scotland and it is easy to see why. That they then fall out immediately after the election is testament to what a shower they all are, and this Vanitas party will be just the same."