Jim Baxter Bridge at Wembley stadium - backing from SNP Euro-MP

23 February 2005
SNP Euro-MP Alyn Smith is backing a campaign by Scotland's football supporters - the Tartan Army - to name part of the new Wembley Stadium after Scottish football legend Jim Baxter.

The London Development Agency are currently undertaking an online vote to choose a name for the new foot bridge at the new Wembley Stadium. Their website asks the question: "What's the most significant name or moment in Wembley's history?" The new bridge is designed by architects of the London Eye, Marks Barfield, and is a key part of the link between the stadium and the town. Many thousands of people are expected to use the facility on match days.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has written to the Chief Executive of the London Development Agency backing the Tartan Army's campaign. Mr Smith explains that naming the bridge after Jim Baxter, who's already in the Wembley Hall of Fame, would be timely seeing as how Scots are being asked to back London's Olympic bid for little return.

In his letter Mr Smith says:

"As a Scottish MEP I am delighted to support Jim Baxter, and the Tartan Army's campaign to have the bridge named after him. Already in the Wembley Hall of Fame, his keepie-uppie routine in 1967 still evokes fond memories in Scots.

I would suggest that naming the bridge after him would be particularly apposite at this time, when Scots are being asked to support London's bid for the Olympics at little obvious gain to Scotland and some cost."

Contact - Alyn Smith MEP