MEP invites Chirac to enjoy the best of Scotland

06 July 2005
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith has today written to Jacques Chirac inviting him to dinner at one of Scotland's top restaurants.

The invitation comes in response to President Chirac's recent comments about Scottish food.

Commenting Mr Smith said

"Hopefully after his time at Gleneagles President Chirac will leave with a better impression of our food, seeing as one of the country's top chefs is cooking dinner.

Scotland is not all about haggis and I am more than happy to show him that some of the cooking and produce in this country far outstrips that in France. They may not know the wonderful taste of Aberdeen Angus in France, as they persist with the beef ban, but I'd be happy to provide dinner for him.

As for Jack Straw's recent contribution on the merits of haggis, let's hope this doesn't represent the official foreign office attitude to Scotland. Though personally I fear it might. I'd be happy for Mr Straw to join us for dinner and maybe we can teach him about the world class quality of Scottish food"