Jimmy Reid Keeps Up Fight For Ferguson's In Brussels

12 July 2005
"Scots politicians can show a united front"

Jimmy Reid in Brussels called on Scotland's MEPs to close ranks and unite to save the one remaining shipyard on lower Clyde. Fergusons' yard in Port Glasgow needs to secure the tender to two fisheries protection vessels as a bridging operation to tide Fergusons over until further work currently in the pipeline for Upper Clyde can secure the long term future of the yard.

Speaking in Brussels, Mr Reid said:

"In such circumstance political differences must be set aside. To act otherwise would be to jeapordise hundreds of jobs and the community which depends upon those jobs.

"I have spoken to MEPs of different parties and know that this can get majority, and even perhaps the unanimous support, of Scotland's MEPs."

Alyn Smith MEP, in Brussels with Jimmy Reid said

"I am happy to support Jimmy's call for the MEPs to show a united front on this subject and act together to bring a deal for Fergusons. I've met with the Commission on the issue of Fergusons future and spoken with the other MEPs about what's happening. I sincerely hope they can all get behind this campaign to keep Fergusons shipyard open and ensure a future for the workers at the yard"