MEP In Behind The Scenes Drama

13 July 2005
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith is to join the set of SMG's production of Rebus on Wednesday 20th July.

Alyn has volunteered his services to a range of industries and organisations across Scotland for two weeks of some real hard work and will join SMG to see the issues currently affecting the film industry in Scotland, as well as getting his hands dirty helping out behind the scenes.

Speaking from Brussels the MEP said

"I wanted to do something with Scotland's creative industries as I know how good the work they produce is, but that they also need more support. Being offered the chance to work on Rebus was fantastic, unfortunately it's all behind the scenes so I won't be making my screen debut just yet.

"By working on the set I hope to meet many of the people involved in getting Scottish film and drama off the ground and onto our screens and learn more about the problems they face, particularly with funding, so I can take that message back to the European Parliament and support their case.

"Work experience will be a bit of fun for me, but there is a serious side and hopefully this will produce some real benefits for those who have generously agreed to put up with me for a day or two and have the patience to teach me some tricks of their trade."

A spokesperson for SMG has issued a warning to Alyn to expect hard work not celebrity glitz and glamour

"'When he arrives at breakfast at 0715 on a wet Glasgow morning at our unit base, a collection of vans parked up on a bit of wasteland in Govan, he'll soon realise that showbiz isn't all glamour and red carpets. More tax breaks please....'

'From making the tea to helping the sparks adjust lighting and the second assistant director keep check of the extras, Alyn will be on his feet for a very long day getting a taste of an industry that is ever constrained by unstable job prospects and tightening budgets"

Alyn Smith will join the set of Rebus at 7.15 am at the Former Police Station, Orkney St, Govan, Glasgow on Wednesday 20th July.

Mr Smith's work experience begins on the 18th July and ends on the 28th July.

Schedule is as follows

Monday 18th - Scottish Blood Transfusion Service, Glasgow city centre

Tues 19th - Speyside distillery with Chivas Brothers Ltd, Keith

Wed 20th - filming with SMG on the set of Rebus, Govan

Thurs 21st - farming in Selkirk with NFU Scotland and holding a special surgery with the local farming community

Fri 22nd - Nightshift (5pm - 3am) with A division, Edinburgh City Centre, Lothian and Borders Police starting from Corstorphine station

Mon 25th + 26th - Fishing Trawler off Mallaig with the Mallaig and Northwest Fisherman's Association

Wed 27th - Shell Gas plant in Buchan

Thur 28th - Visit to Oil Rig (unconfirmed - awaiting landing slot)

Details of precise activities and arrangements for photo/media calls will follow.