MEP drops in for a pint

18 July 2005
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith will today visit the Blood Donor Centre in Glasgow city centre, not just to give a pint of his own, but to give a helping hand to staff at the centre.

Mr Smith, who begins a series of work experience days today, will be working with the Scottish Blood Transfusions service for the afternoon.

But he won't be anywhere near the needles. Instead Mr Smith will be making cups of tea and welcoming all those who volunteer to give a pint or two for scotland's blood transfusion service.

"It'll be a bit of a change from my usual Monday travelling to Brussels or Strasbourg. The work of the SBTS is vitally important to the health service across Scotland in so many ways. And I might be just a tea boy for the afternoon but I'm pleased to be playing my part.

"I'll also make sure the staff get a pint of my blood to help keep the stocks up over summer. Hopefully we'll be busy all afternoon with people using the holiday to pop in and make a welcome contribution. I promise they'll get a nice cup of tea afterwards."