MEP learns tricks of the trade from Whisky experts

20 July 2005
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith yesterday (Tuesday 19) picked up a few tricks of the trade from the whisky industry as he spent the day with Chivas brothers at their premises in Keith.

Mr Smith, enjoyed a fantastic day with Chivas, but he wasn't just drinking the profits. Alyn took part in a days work experience at the Chivas plants and distillerys around Keith to learn all about the Whisky industry. From working in the blending facility, to rolling out the barrels, or atleast trying to, at the warehouse, to finally visiting the distillery during maintenance Mr Smith was made to work pretty hard all day long.

Commenting afterwards he said

"I'm exhausted, this has been a really good day and I've definitely learnt a lot about the industry and how important it is, not just to the local area but to Scotland. Chivas kindly let me spend the day with their experts who have taught me so much. I tried my best at everything but I don't think I could ever do the job as well as these guys. I struggled moving one barrel, never mind doing it all day, and as for the blending, that's a serious scientific art and I'm happy to leave it to the professionals.

Coming at this as an MEP it's also been very interesting to see where European legislation effects the day to day distillery operation. Of course Europe's also a major market for Scottish Whisky so I'll definitely be doing my bit to help them in any way I can when I make it back to Brussels. I've got another week of work experience to go, but this day is definitely going to be marked up as one of the favourites."

Alyn Smith spent the day with xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, master distiller for Chivas profits.