MEP Welcomes Ban On Carcinogens in Kids Toys

15 July 2005
MEP Alyn Smith today welcomed the decision of the European Parliament to ban chemical substances in childrens toys that have been linked with cancer.

The chemicals, some of which are officially classed as toxins have been used to soften children's toys. Three chemicals officially classified as toxic to reproduction have been banned from all toys and children's products, three more considered harmful to the liver have been banned from toys which can be put into children's mouths.

The ban is a compromise deal between the European Parliament and the European Commission and follows eight years of argument in Europe.

Welcoming the decision Mr Smith said:

"The potential for these chemicals to cause harm to children means they must be removed. I welcome the decision of the Parliament today and am glad we have finally reached the right conclusion on this issue.

We have had many warnings over these chemicals in recent years, particularly over their impact on reproductive health. It is shameful that it has taken Europe so long to act on this issue. We must now look at other instances where these chemicals are used, in some paints and hairsprays for example. The science shows there could be risks there, we need to find out more and be prepared to act"