MEP Backs Studio Calls After Day On Set

21 July 2005
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith has backed calls for a film studio to be set up in Scotland. The call comes after Mr Smith spent the day (Wednesday 20th) working with and shadowing the crew on the set of Rebus.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my day with the folks from Scottish Media Group on the Rebus set, it looks like it will be a great show when it comes out! I was really pleased that I was able to wander around the set talking to people, and it was great to see what enthusiasm exists in Scotland.

"I was even more pleased to hear about the quality of our technical staff in Scotland, and how the industry could flourish given the right environment. That environment comes down to three things: support, facilities and tax incentives. Glasgow could be a film production centre, but in the global market where we compete with Ireland, the Czech Republic and Romania, not to mention London, it is plain daft that we do not have more studio facilities in Scotland to help provide that critical mass.

"I believe that Scotland should have a national studio, and that it should be in Glasgow. I've begun the process of identifying what sort of EU support exists and will do my utmost to help this project happen. The film industry is a commercial sector, and the wider spin offs in terms of tourism or other benefits are vast. With our quality personnel and breathtaking locations Scotland should be leading the world as a film production centre. Why are we not?"