MEP Demands Apology From Kilroy Over Anti-Scots Slur

27 September 2005
"A buffoon as out of touch with Scottish reality as he is with Europe"

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has today written to failed UKIP, then ousted Veritas MEP Robert Kilroy Silk demanding an apology over anti Scottish comments made by the former chat show host during a debate in the European parliament. The East English Midlands MEP claimed in a debate on regional funding that "The English are used to subsidising the Scots". The SNP has recently demonstrated that Scotland has a healthy surplus.

Speaking in Strasbourg, Alyn Smith said:

"It grieves me to give this punter publicity, but it winds me up to hear this oft repeated lie that Scotland is subsidised by England, and I'll not have it repeated in the European Parliament where people may not be as well informed about the Scottish situation.

"Scotland is worth considerably more to the UK than we get back. Within the EU we will, when independent, retain every benefit but lose the disadvantages of not making our own decisions or representing ourselves in Europe and the world.

"We'll also gain the considerable advantage of not coming from the same member state as little-Englanders like Mr Kilroy Silk.

"Scotland is massively in surplus, with north sea oil revenues booming and Gordon Brown laughing all the way to the bank. Even without North Sea oil, Scottish tax receipts have been ÂŁ20bn higher than the amount we have received from the treasury.

"I have written to Mr Kilroy Silk to correct his lazy error, and to demand an apology for misrepresenting us in the European parliament in this way. Not that anyone took him seriously, but why should I let him repeat this subsidy junkie lie without challenge?"