Airline blacklist one step closer

13 October 2005
SNP MEP Alyn Smith today welcomed the decision of the European Parliament's transport committee to support a Europe wide blacklist of unsafe airlines.

The proposal comes after a series of air crashes in the summer. It would create a common set of high safety standards across the EU and blacklist any carriers who did not meet the standards.

EU airlines would also be discouraged from using blacklisted carriers in other countries.

Speaking after the decision on Tuesday Mr Smith said

'This is a really positive step. EU countries already have high standards of airline safety but as international travel increases it makes sense for common standards and a common blacklist to exist across the EU."

"This is an additional level of protection for all of Europe's travellers and can only make air travel even safer than it already is. Giving travellers the right to know which non EU carriers are being used by EU airlines is also a good move.

"You find Scots travelling all over the world, this will ensure that we are as safe as it is possible to be.

"I am firmly supporting this legislation and hopefully it can be passed by the end of the year and brought into force as soon as possible. "