MEP Offers EU Advice To Citizens Advice Bureau

11 November 2005
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith will address the Citizens Advice staff at the Bureau's Forum this Saturday (12th November) to discuss how European legislation is made and the impact it has on people in Scotland.

Mr Smith will focus in particular on areas key to the work of Citizens Advice, such as human rights, consumer protection and employment law. He will highlight ways in which Scots can influence EU legislation, the role of MEPs, the Parliament and the other European bodies.

Speaking ahead of the Forum Mr Smith said

"I am very much looking forward to speaking to Citizens Advice. The work they do is fantastic and the frontline services and advice they offer is invaluable."

"European legislation impacts on all our lives, in many cases for the good, particularly in areas such as consumer protection or employment law.

"At the moment we are preparing to pass strong new laws, known as REACH, on the chemicals that can be used in products across Europe. This will hopefully cut the level of toxins in our environment. These are laws that have been heavily influenced by the people of Europe, including many in Scotland"

"Europe isn't just a one-way street, through the Petitions Committee European citizens can push their case in the European Parliament and sometimes affect change in laws or win inquiries into key issues. Most recently the Parliament announced it will investigate Equitable Life over the loss of people's pensions."

"Citizens Advice is a valuable organisation and abeen asked to speak to the forum."

Mr Smith will address the forum at the RSAMD in Glasgow at 12.50 on Saturday 12th November.