Trade Justice Lobby Backed By Scots MEP

20 November 2005
Members of the Scottish Trade Justice Movement will lobby MEPs and the European Commission in Brussels on Monday to encourage Europe to push for fair trade with the developing world at the WTO Doha trade meeting in Hong Kong in December.

The Scottish lobby of European Institutions is backed by Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith who has offered the group his support for their efforts and who will host meetings with the Trade Justice Movement during the day.

The lobby coincides with the meeting of the African Caribbean Pacific - European Union parliamentarians conference in Edinburgh which is focused on trade, development and environmental issues.

Speaking in advance of the visit Mr Smith said

"As we near the end of this year of global action for trade justice, an end to poverty and a fair deal for the developing world it is a privilege to support the trade justice movement on their lobby in Brussels.

"Scotland has played a major role in raising the profile of the developing world throughout the year and it is fitting that Scottish activists are keeping this going right to the end. The Doha meeting is crucial for meeting the promises made at the G8 and to have any hope of progressing beyond that deal.

"Right now, Doha does not look promising, but I hope that the pressure of groups like the Trade Justice Movement on our politicians and Commissioners will lead to a deal that meets the demands the public, through the Make Poverty History march and other actions throughout the year have made it clear they expect.

"Doha is the politicians opportunity to live up to the demands of the people. Lets hope this time they succeed."