MEP joins toxic trolley tour

27 November 2005
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith today (Thursday) joined a Friends of the Earth Toxic Trolley tour on Edinburgh's Princes Street to highlight the need for consumer protection from hazardous chemicals.

The toxic trolley tour aims to highlight to the public products which contain harmful ingredients, offer information on safer alternatives and encourage members of the public to support strong EU legislation on harmful chemicals.

Mr Smith signed the Friends of the Earth Petition supporting the publics right to know what chemicals are in the products they use.

Speaking from the Toxic Trolley stop Mr Smith said

"It is very important that we know what chemicals are being used and how we can be affected by them. The new European legislation, known as REACH, offers us some protection and an increase in information on the chemicals being used but we have to make sure that the legislation is as tough as it can be.

I'm giving my backing to the Friends of the Earth campaign and I will certainly be voting for REACH to increase public awareness and consumer safety.

Andrea Foster of Friends of the Earth said

"This was a great opportunity for Edinburgh's citizens to apply pressure on the chemicals industry, talk to MEPs about their concerns and help push for stronger chemicals legislation."