EU Internet Offers Opportunity For Business

07 December 2005
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith is urging businesses across Scotland to apply for a .eu internet domain name.

The .eu domain name, which could be used as well as, .org, .com or any other address opens for registration today (Wednesday 7th December). Any business with a registered trademark or name can get their website a .eu address from today. Other businesses and individuals will be able to register in February or April

Mr Smith said

"This is good move for businesses in Scotland. It's especially beneficial to those who trade with the rest of Europe, who run online businesses or tourism related businesses. Registering now means no one else will be able to claim the .eu version of your name online.

"The .eu suffix does not replace your current address but is an extra one that can be directed to your current site and will help people across the European Union find the business they are looking for.

"Many businesses currently use .com or .org when they want to appear international, but having a .eu address gives people a better idea of where you are. As so many of our businesses now sell products overseas this could offer a real boost to sales"

For more details and to register your domain go to

Note to Editors

  • As of Wednesday 7th December the 1st round of registration for the .eu domain name begins.
  • All companies with registered rights such as trademarks will have the next two months to register their names for .eu addresses.
  • After that companies with non-registered trademarks etc can register for sites and more names will be claimed.
  • Anyone will be able to register for a .eu domain from the 7th April