MEP Highlights Dotsco Campaign To EU

12 December 2005
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith today (Monday) welcomed the recent launch of the dotsco campaign and called for Scots to have a presence in cyberspace.

Mr Smith, speaking in a debate on the launch of the .eu domain which has received over 100,000 applications in 5 days highlighted the new campaign for a website for Scots language and culture.

He also congratulated the "puntCat" campaign which recently won a domain name for Catalan language and culture.

Speaking in the European Parliament Mr Smith said

"As a proud Scot, I would like to see a specific Scots presence in cyberspace and I believe your own country, Mr President, has shown us the way with the ‘puntCAT' designation, which you so recently achieved for Catalonia."

"I would like to lend my support to the ‘dotsco' campaign, as a wider presence for Scots language and culture in cyberspace could only be helpful for us. I look forward to us joining Catalonia and the EU in cyberspace,"

Speaking after the debate Mr Smith commented

".eu has proved to be an amazing success and is a major achievement for the EU. Businesses are flocking to the .eu address and that can only be a good thing.

"The recent decision to allow the dot.Cat internet domain is just as significant, recognizing culture and language on the internet is increasingly important as we get more and more technological. I'm pleased to see those who use Scots language and culture following the Catalans lead and hope we'll soon see dotsco alongside dotcat and doteu.

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