SNP Backs EU Probe Of CIA Flights In Scotland

15 December 2005
The Scottish National Party today voted in favour of an investigation of CIA activity in Europe by the European Parliament and called for Scottish authorities to give their full co- operation to the inquiry committee.

The Temporary Committee of Inquiry will investigate alleged CIA activity in Europe- including Scotland - and will work alongside an ongoing inquiry by the Council of Europe. The decision came after UK Europe Minister, Douglas Alexander MP, failed to convince MEPs that there was no illegal activity being undertaken by the CIA in Europe.

SNP Europe spokesman, Alyn Smith MEP, said:

"These allegations if true make us in the West hypocrites, and makes us the bad guys.

"Sadly the London authorities, Scottish law officers and police seem unwilling to investigate these allegations, though they are legally entitled to. We are supporting a Europe-wide investigation with which I hope the relevant authorities in Scotland will co-operate fully."

"The Minister was unable to convince me or the majority of my colleagues that he has adequate knowledge of the situation or that guarantees from the US Secretary of State are good enough. This is a serious issue and the only way it will be resolved is to have a full and proper investigation.

"Until all the facts are known, suspicion will continue. I want this issue cleared up and if we find any domestic or international laws are being broken, then the appropriate action must be taken.

"The UK government and Scottish Executive are adopting a see-no- evil, hear-no evil-attitude on this and that is not good enough for the people of Scotland.

"Scottish domestic airports may well be being used for the transportation of people to face torture and that is not a situation we can or will tolerate."