SNP Backs European Rendition Flight Inquiry

05 December 2005
SNP Europe Spokesman Alyn Smith MEP today backed calls for a Parliamentary enquiry into CIA activities in Europe.

The move comes after increasing evidence of the use of Scottish and European airports by CIA or CIA charter planes for the transportation of prisoners and persistent rumours of Guantanamo Bay style camps on European territory.

Mr Smith said

"I am increasingly concerned by this as so far 176 of these flights have landed at airports in Scotland. There are some real questions to be answered here over the legal status of people on these flights, what is happening to them and where they are going.

"I am disappointed the Scottish authorities are doing nothing to investigate allegations of torture and hope the European Parliament will be able to shed some light on this subject. Secretary of State Rice's visit to Europe has only clouded the issue, though at least we now know the flights are real and that they are transporting prisoners.

"Scotland will not be complicit in torture, illegal kidnap or the detention of individuals without due process."