Congratulations For Fife Star On European Award

30 January 2006

SNP Europe Spokesman Alyn Smith MEP has today sent his congratulations to Fife singer songwriter KT Tunstall after she won a European Border Breakers Award and called for more support for talented Scots wanting to break into Europe.

The awards are for artists whose debut albums have achieved thehighest sales in European countries other than their own. KT Tunstall was the only Scottish or UK artist to win an award.

Speaking from Brussels Mr Smith said

"I'm delighted KT won this award, it shows how well appreciated her music is across Europe and recognises her considerable talents. I saw KT at Edinburgh's Hogmanay celebrations and I can see why the rest of Europe is so impressed.

"Its always good to see Scots doing well in Europe, especially young Scots and I hope she'll continue to be popular across the EU for many years to come.

"Talented Scots should be supported in reaching out into new markets, whether it's with music, art or film. Initiatives like the Border Breakers Awards and the European CULTURE programme can only helpthat.

"We should be making sure Scotland is taking full advantage of them,and putting our Creative arts on a European platform. Scotland has many talented artists, not just musicians, and I want to see them receiving more support and given greater access to European cultura lprogrammes so that more artists can have the Europe wide success KT is seeing."