SNP Call For EU Cash On Maybole By-pass

30 January 2006

The SNP candidate in the Carrick and Maybole by election Mr Bill McCubbin has called for EU cash to help fund a much needed by-pass around Maybole. Mr McCubbin was joined by SNP Europe Spokesman Alyn Smith MEP, who has contacted the European Commission to seek funding.

The European Union maintains budgets to fund critical infrastructureacross the EU. The road functions as the main link from Scotland tothe ports of South West Scotland and onwards to Ireland, Mr Smith believes the village has a strong claim to EU support.Speaking in Maybole, Mr McCubbin said:

"I was glad Alyn was able to respond to our request for help soquickly, and that he is taking this case to Brussels on Maybole's behalf. There have been plans for a Maybole by-pass for decades, andyet we continue to hear promises but see no action.

"If elected Councillor I will keep up the fight for a by-pass, and have already secured action from one of Scotland's MEPs. With an SNP team working for Maybole we'll make things happen."

Alyn Smith MEP added:

"When Bill asked me to come see the state of traffic in Maybole I was happy to come along, but was shocked at just how busy it is. Numerous people mentioned the traffic on the doorstep, and are pleased to see Bill getting things moving to look for cash to help a by-pass happen

"Bill is clearly getting a great response to his campaign, andMaybole will have a strong voice in the Council chambers when he iselected as Councillor this coming Thursday."