Smith Calls On Eurocontrol To Publish 'Torture Flight' Details

26 January 2006

SNP European spokesman, Alyn Smith MEP, today (Thursday) called Eurocontrol, the EU-wide air traffic control body, to publish detailedinformation on where aircraft alleged to have been involved in socalled 'torture flights' went after they passed through Scottishairports and left Scottish airspace.

Mr Smith made the call following the first meeting of the EuropeanParliament's Committee set up to look into flights allegedly run by the CIA across the European Union to transport prisoners to torture.

Mr Smith said:

"Eurocontrol is in a position to tell us what has been going on inEurope's airspace, and SNP research has already revealed a number of flights passing through our airports with major question marks overthem. We want to know where these flights went and I have written to Eurocontrol asking them to provide this information.

"I, and a number of other MEPs, do not believe that the United Statesis guilty of half of what they are being accused of, but the only wayto deal with these allegations is through transparency. I was glad tosee the Committee today demonstrate a real appetite for the task ahead,and a number of really credible individuals from across the EU gettinginvolved.

"The Council of Europe inquiry under Dick Marty has been havingdifficulty in accessing information, and that will be the key to ourtask ahead. As elected members we come from every corner of the EU,and have rights to access certain information in our own countries. We can pool this to shed as much light into this murky picture aspossible."It is not good enough that Scotland's good name is being blackened byassociation with this disgraceful business. The Scottish Executive andlaw officers should have investigated, yet have looked to London andsat on their hands, following Tony Blair's see no evil hear no evilpolicy.

"The European Parliament has taken action, and after today's meeting itis clear we're looking forward to getting our teeth into the job."