MEP Welcomes Pure Success For UNSTMEP Welcomes Pure Success For UNST

08 February 2006
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith has today welcomed the newsthat the PURE Energy centre on Unst is to expand and commercialiseits unique hydrogen technology.

Mr Smith, a member of the European Parliament's Industry, Researchand Energy Committee praised the innovative work of the Unst Partnership in bringing the project this far.

Speaking from Edinburgh Mr Smith said

"This is an excellent project and, in Scottish Environment Week is a perfect example of the success and importance small community energyprojects can have in Scotland.

"Today's announcement is positive for Unst, for Shetland and forScotland. I am pleased to see the island looking forwards to newindustries and new developments.

"The benefit the PURE project has brought, not just throughdeveloping a unique technology, but also by creating jobs andbringing people into the island is very impressive.

"The European Parliament recently voted to support measures toprovide additional research and development funding for renewableenergy projects. The success of PURE shows how important this kindof funding and support can be.

"The backing of Shetland Enterprise and the Highlands and IslandsCommunity Energy Company is obviously key to this development andthey are to be congratulated for supporting what will be a winningproject.

"I hope following this announcement we will see hydrogen technologybeing used in many other parts of Scotland as a source of energy."