MEP Addresses Muirhead Seniors Forum

09 February 2006
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith spent an enjoyable afternoonwith the Muirhead Seniors Forum at the end of February.

Mr Smith had been invited to speak to the forum about his role as amember of the European Parliament and about European politicalissues.

Speaking after the meeting Mr Smith said

"Europe is a lot more relevant to people's lives than they think andcan do a lot of good. The European Parliament has regular meetingsto discuss issues affecting older people.

"The Parliament is also responsible for issues like encouraginggovernments to improve building standards to help cut high fuel billsand ensuring that older people don't face any kind of discriminationaccessing services or getting work if they want it.

"I've had a very enjoyable afternoon in Muirhead and find itencouraging that people are interested in what I, as an MEP, actuallydo in the European Parliament. There was some great discussion andconversation with members of the Forum and I look forward to meetingthem again."