Euro Up For Debate With MEP

02 February 2006
European spokesman Alyn Smith MEP will tomorrow (Friday) addressan audience on international students at Heriot Watt University onthe current position of the Euro in Scottish and UK politics.

Mr Smith, who was invited by Heriot Watt to give the talk, willdiscuss the issue with students on Friday afternoon.

Speaking in Edinburgh ahead of the talk Mr Smith said

"I'm looking forward to meeting the students and hearing what theythink about the Euro. As a member of the SNP I support the Euro andbelieve it would be appropriate for an independent Scotland to join.

"Ireland has experienced major investment and growth as the onlyEnglish speaking country in the Euro, Scotland is even closer tonorthern Europe and we could see the same kind of benefits, if notmore, coming to us.

"Ultimately it's a decision for the people of Scotland, but this is adebate that appears to have died and I am looking forward to givingit some life tomorrow."