MEP Joins Airport Vigil Over CIA Flights

05 February 2006
Demonstrators will be joined on Sunday by SNP MEP and EuropeanSpokesman Alyn Smith to protest against the use of Scottish airportsfor so-called Extraordinary Rendition flights by the CIA.

Mr Smith, supported the establishment of a European Parliamentinquiry into the issue, and is on one of the Working Groupsassociated with the inquiry.

Speaking before the vigil Mr Smith said

"The questions surrounding CIA activity at Scottish airports remainunanswered.

"The SNP have called, in all three parliaments, for answers to begiven to the Scottish people, to the Council of Europe and to theEuropean Parliament inquiry. As yet we have not had a satisfactoryexplanation of what has been going on here.

"I find it deeply disturbing that flights using Scottish airspace arereported to be transporting people illegally to countries where theymay face torture and no one in government seems at all concerned.

"I want to see an immediate end to any such flights in Scotland, orelsewhere in Europe and an open and honest investigation into whathas been going on."Many European countries have launched their own investigations, itlooks like Scotland will have to rely on Europe to find the answers."

Note to Editors: The vigil is being organised by Scotland Against Criminalising Communities and Edinburgh Stop The War Coalition