MEP Welcomes Plans For Child Resistant Lighters

09 February 2006
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith has today welcomed news thatthe European Commission is to push ahead with plans to ensure alllighters sold in the EU are child proof.

Research from the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand where banson non-child proof lighters have been introduced shows that thenumber of fires and the number of deaths from fires decreasesdramatically with the ban.

Speaking from Edinburgh Mr Smith said

"It is essential that children learn how dangerous fire can be.Ensuring all lighters are child proof should help cut the numbers offires started, especially those started by accident, but it is nosubstitute for children understanding how harmful fire can be.

"Scotland has a problem with the level of fire-raising by youngpeople, this will not stop those who are determined to start firesbut may help cut the number of incidents.

"This measure will cost manufacturers very little but bringconsiderable benefits. Europe is one of the last developed areas ofthe world not to have these kind of controls and I'm happy to seethat we are finally catching up with the likes of Australia.

"Though we have had voluntary standards before there was nothing tostop non-child safe lighters being imported and sold in our shops.This is a good move for the EU and a good move for the safety of allof us, not just children."