Txt 4 Scotland

12 April 2006
Lothians Young Scots asked to Txt 4 Scotland!

A text referendum was launched last week by the Young Scots for Independence, the SNP's official youth branch, asking for your opinion on Scotland's future.

The text vote is the first ever national text referendum in Scotland.

The vote asks Young Scots in Lothians - and anyone else who wants to join in, whether Scotland should be independent, to vote yes text "Scot yes" or to vote no, text "scot no", to a simple 5 digit number - 60999.

Speaking at the launch, YSI National Convenor Aileen Campbell said: "I am really excited about this referendum. It will allow us to truly engage with young people in Lothians and across Scotland and give them an opportunity to express their views using modern every day technology.

"The Electoral Commission wants parties to take proactive steps to engage with young voters and not just use them as publicity stunts. So we are taking the initiative and are asking the young people of Scotland to make their views known about Scotland's constitutional future!

"What better way to do it than by handing out flyers, going around college and university campuses and actively giving young people the opportunity to think and to log their opinions about politics using a simple text message?

"And it won't stop there. We have great plans to highlight pertinent issues around the country that we know the young people of Scotland have views upon. We'll be asking them all to Text 4 Scotland!"

Lending his support to the campaign, Scotland's youngest MEP, Alyn Smith added:

"This text referendum launch is ground-breaking stuff and I congratulate the YSI for making it happen. This kind of text referendum has never been tried before in Scotland and is something new and interesting that will hopefully encourage young people in Scotland to participate in politics."

The inspiration came from the YSI's sister youth wing, Cymru X - Plaid Cymru's official youth wing who last November launched the hugely successful "Real Referendum" on whether Wales should have its own law making Parliament.