Highland Pupil on Brussels Trip

18 April 2006
Gemma takes Brussels by storm

he winner of Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith's Christmas card competition has been in Brussels to laim her prize. Gemma Urquhart, a primary 6 pupil at Inverasdale primary school, Poolewe, was in Brussels for two days accompanied by her mother Judy as Alyn's guests, and had a whirlwind tour of Brussels old town, the EU institutions and of course the European Parliament where she tried Alyn's chair for size and decided she might want to be an MEP some day too.

Gemma won the trip in December after Mr Smith chose her design of three robins wearing kilts as his Christmas card. The card was sent all over Scotland and the EU.

Speaking from Brussels, Gemma said:

"It has been great fun to see everything in Brussels. The flight over was exciting and the tour around Brussels was a lot to take in. Alyn has shown us around the Parliament and took us to dinner for some lovely seafood last night.

"I'm looking forward to telling everyone back home in Inverasdale all about my experience here, and Alyn has given us chocolates for everyone in the school, even the teachers!"

Alyn Smith added:

"It has been great to have Gemma and Judy here, she earned her prize fair and square and even her french has been coming on in the short time she has been here. I always find that young folk have plenty of passion and interest in the ideas, and I was proud to see her soaking it all up as she watched dozens of different nationalities here in the Parliament all working together.

"I was not necessarily expecting her to want my job into the bargain, but she was a first class ambassador for Inverasdale Primary and the Highlands, which I have the privilege of representing in the Parliament.

"Of course, no trip to Brussels would be complete without some chocolate as well, so we've made sure she is heading back to Inverasdale with a bag full of Belgium's finest and a head full of memories."