SNP Welcome Uncomfortable Conclusions Of CIA Investigation

04 May 2006
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith has today welcomed the conclusions of the draft report by the European Parliamentary Committee investigating CIA activity in Europe.

The Committee will meet this afternoon to discuss the report. Prior to the meeting Mr Smith said

"This is a damning report from the Committee and will be uncomfortable reading for all EU governments. It is clear that there are still questions that must be answered.

"Having read the draft interim report I am increasingly concerned that the UK government and Scottish Executive must disclose what they knew and when about CIA activities in Scotland.

"The UK government and Executive must also look closely at recommendations from the Committee that member states take action to improve laws over the use of airspace and airports to ensure there are safeguards to prevent future abuses.

"The Committee believes that extraordinary renditions, abductions and torture are being used by the CIA, at times on European nationals, that the airspace and airports of European member states has been used and that no country has safeguards in place to prevent this.

"The Committee also quite clearly states that violations of fundamental human rights have taken place on several occasions.

"The Committee has asked that it be allowed to continue its work to investigate further detail of what has occurred in Europe in recent years under the "war against terror" and I hope they are given not only the resources to do that but the full co-operation of all member states."

Key Points in the report include the following conclusions

  • Point 4 - "serious and inadmissible violations of fundamental human rights have taken place on several occasions"
  • Point 7 - that the CIA has "used aircraft hired by fictitious airlines or regular companies to secretly abduct, detain and transfer persons suspected of terrorism in order to hand them over to other countries, which frequently use torture during interrogations" and
  • Point 8 - "considers it implausible, on the basis of testimonies and documents received to date, that certain European governments were not aware of extraordinary rendition activities taking place on their territory and in their airspace and airports"

The full report was released in French last week and has now been made available in English. It will be debated today by the Temporary Committee on the alleged use of European Countries by the CIA for the transport and illegal detention of Prisoners and has been compiled by Giovanni Claudio Fava