Scottish Pupils Impress MEP With Euro-Knowledge

08 May 2006
MEP Alyn Smith has congratulated pupils from across Scotland for their contribution to a major European forum held at the Scottish Parliament on Monday (8th May).

Mr Smith took part in the forum as one of a panel of politicians facing chat show questions written by pupils from eight schools across Scotland as well as others from across the European Union.

Speaking after the event in Edinburgh Mr Smith said

"Those were some of the hardest questions I've had to face as an MEP and its obvious all the young people there were incredibly clued up about Europe and what it does.

"I think some of them knew my job better than me.

"This whole event has been a fantastic opportunity for students from different parts of Scotland to meet other young people and to share their vision of Europe. I was impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment they all showed.

"Young people are increasingly pro-European and that's what I found out taking part in this day, and it's not just being able to travel or work abroad that appeals to them.

"Young people can see that it is a sensible idea to work together on big issues like the environment or energy and I welcome that.

"I want to offer my congratulations to all the pupils from across Scotland who took part, who made the visiting students feel so at home and who made the two days work so well, this was an incredibly enjoyable experience and I hope they all had as much fun, and learnt as much as I did."

The participating schools were Bell Baxter High, Earlston High School, Greenock Academy, Holyrood Secondary School, Linlithgow Academy, Mintlaw Academy, Nairn Academy and Strathaven Academy.