MEP congratulates islands on local TV bid

14 June 2006
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith has offered his congratulations to the Western Isles after proposals for a local TV station won EU funding through the LEADER + programme.

Mr Smith welcomed the news that LEADER + would fund a new Hebrides TV station available through broadband.

The LEADER + programme is intended to assist rural communities to enhance their quality of life.

Speaking from Strasbourg where the European Parliament is in session this week Mr Smith said

"I wish Hebrides TV the best of luck with this pilot and hope to see the project extended after 2007. With any luck I'll even get the chance to appear on it next time I'm in the Western Isles.

"The use of new media in the more remote areas of Scotland is increasingly important and the EU makes a lot of assistance available to creative industries and digital media - it's good to see Scotland getting some of that help.

"Broadband offers so much potential to rural areas. This is an excellent and very imaginative proposal from the council, Western Isles Enterprise and the other partners in the project. I look forward to seeing the first programmes on line in the near future."