Euro MP's to dine on Scotch beef

11 July 2006
Members of the European Parliament will tonight sit down to a dinner of Aberdeenshire and Berwickshire beef as part of efforts to get Scotch beef back into European shops and restaurants.

The dinner was proposed by Alyn Smith MEP when the beef ban was lifted and will feature Scotland's MEPs alongside politicians from the rest of Europe and figures from the other EU institutions.

Speaking ahead of the dinner Mr Smith said

"Since I was elected in 2004 I have been waiting for the opportunity to show my colleagues across the EU how good Scotch Beef is and I am pleased to finally get that opportunity.

"It is vital for the industry in Scotland that we do our part to promote Scotch Beef and to encourage people across the EU to discover what they have been missing for the last 10 years.

"I want people across mainland Europe to see Scotch Beef as something they want to eat, to see it as a delicacy and to know that Scotch Beef is the finest there is.

"Scotch Beef is now back in the shops and starting to appear in restaurants. Hopefully after tonight MEPs from all over Europe will be demanding Scotch Beef in the butchers, supermarkets and restaurants of their home countries."