Smith takes out trash with Glasgow Recyclers - 27th July 2006

27 July 2006
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith continued his summer work experience by joining Glasgow City Council's recycling crew early this morning.

Mr Smith, began work at 6.45am from the city's Polmadie depot and spent the day out in the refuse lorries collecting recycling before spending the afternoon sorting the waste.

Mr Smith, who chose recycling for one of this work experience days, following an EU focus on improving household recycling rates commented

"I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of waste being recycled in Glasgow. It shows that making it easy for people with door step or street corner recycling is the way to persuade people to do it.

"We have enormous areas of landfill in Scotland that we should be working to reduce, instead if we don't increase our levels of recycling we'll only be encouraging companies to increase the landfill sites.

"Glasgow are doing some great work to get people to recycle and it's something that all councils must work at across the country.

"There have been recent proposals for taxing people who don't recycle - what's happening in Glasgow is that with the right facilities and the right encouragement people will begin to take greater care with their rubbish.

"Scotland's record on recycling isn't particularly good in comparison to EU levels but now I will be able to speak up for the efforts individual a councils are making to make a difference to our environment.