SNP Urges Scots To Help Hit Europe’s Million Signatures

29 August 2006
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith has called on Scots to help end the expensive and time consuming monthly gathering of European Parliamentarians in Strasbourg by signing up to the petition.

The petition needs less that 100,000 signatures to reach the million mark. Once a million signatures from across the EU have been gathered - leaders of the EU will have to discuss the future of the Parliament's Strasbourg base.

Mr Smith is supporting the campaign which wants to see all meetings of the European Parliament take place in Brussels where MEPs spend the majority of their time.

Speaking as he prepared to return to Strasbourg next week (4th September) Mr Smith said

"It is ludicrous that we have to travel across Europe to meet for 4 days each month when we have a Parliament building and offices in Brussels that we use for the rest of the month.

"The amount of money it costs to move us around is huge and unnecessary. Originally the Parliament met in Strasbourg to ensure there was an EU institution in France. There are now 25 countries in the EU - it is no longer appropriate for us to maintain a base in France when all our offices are in Brussels.

"This isn't just a case of winging politicians - this is a waste of EU resources.

"I don't know of any MEPs who think we should still be in Strasbourg - the problem is it's up to Prime Ministers and Presidents to decide. A million signature petition will force them to reconsider. I want to see Scots, no matter what you think of the EU, support this campaign."

To sign up go to