Nationalist MEP Calls On Dundee Students To Look Towards Europe

04 September 2006
SNP MEP Alyn Smith will today (Saturday) welcome new students to Dundee University and launch a new guide to help Scots students work and study in Europe.

'Opportunities for Bright Scots in Europe' is being unveiled at the University's Freshers' Fair and sets out the options available to people keen on working in organisations across the European Union.

Alyn will be joined by the SNP's Shona Robison, MSP for Dundee East and Cllr Joe Fitzpatrick Scottish Parliamentary candidate for the party in Dundee West.

Commenting on the event Alyn said,

"I'm delighted to be in Dundee extending the SNP's welcome to this year's Freshers. I hope the booklet I've produced will encourage people to think about Europe when looking for placements, work experience and university exchange programmes."

"Having studied in Poland and Germany myself I know first hand how beneficial it can be. I'm keen that traditional barriers like language and cash are overcome and this guide also provides some useful information on ways round those."

Alyn continued,

"I'll also be speaking to students about the Dr Allan MacCartney internship programme that I've set up in my office in Brussels where students and graduates can get a taste of what it's like to work in the European Parliament."

"The SNP is THE party for students, we are preparing for government next year with policies that will help students replacing the burden of student loans with a grants system designed to ease financial hardship."

Adding her support to Alyn's scheme, Shona said:

"This is a wonderful opportunity for students to take up and I'd encourage everyone to consider it. It is good to be able to give students something positive when they have to contend with so much financial hardship.

"The current Lab/Lib Executive have crippled students with back-door tuition fees, an SNP government will cancel the existing student debt and replace student loans with grants. This will ensure students get off to the best start."

Cllr Joe FitzPatrick, welcoming the students to Dundee added:

"Alyn's programme is an amazing chance for students giving them hands-on experience of what life is like for an MEP.

"The SNP, by lifting the cloud of debt, will enable more students to take up opportunities like these that will enhance their academic career without firstly needing to consider how they will afford it.

"The students who have chosen Dundee as their place of study should welcome this initiative and enjoy studying in the city of Discovery."