Million Back EU Reform – SNP Call For End To Gravy Train

18 September 2006
Scottish National Party Europe spokesman Alyn Smith MEP has today offered his congratulations to the campaign which has gathered signatures from over 1 million EU citizens calling for an end to the European Parliament's monthly gravy train to Strasbourg.

Mr Smith who supports the petition's aim to have all European Parliament business conducted in Brussels said

"This is a clear sign that the European public are no longer happy to see their money spent on wasted trips to Strasbourg. There is a perfectly good parliament in Brussels.

"Over 1 million people have signed this petition. This has the potential to reform the way in which the European Parliament operates and what people across Europe think of it.

"The European Council must now show that it is serious about listening to Europe's citizens and take action to end the monthly gravy train to Strasbourg. I have already written to every national leader across Europe asking if they will honour the petition"

"I congratulate all Scots and all those from across the EU who have signed up to the campaign. I hope to see it on the agenda for the next European Council meeting in Lathi, Finland in October."