MEP Backs European Citizens Initiative

08 November 2006
SNP MEP Alyn Smith is giving his backing to the launch of the European Citizens Initiative taking place in Brussels, tomorrow (Thursday).

The initiative calls on the European Commission to respond to any call for a change in EU law if it's supported by one million EU citizens or more.

Speaking prior to the launch Mr Smith said,

"Any initiative that seeks to improve participation in EU law making is to be welcomed. As the influence of Europe in the every day lives of its citizens continues to grow it is essential that the gap between people and the institutions of the EU is closed.

"The opinions of people living in member states must be taken into consideration when decisions are made.

"Already we have seen over a million people throughout the EU sign a petition calling for an end to the Strasbourg gravy train that sees MEP's decant to Strasbourg twelve times a year at a cost of over €200 million.

"This is just one of many issues that people can have a real influence on if the proposals by the European Citizens Initiative are adopted.

Mr Smith concluded,

"It is vital that the EU and its institutions are open and transparent and these proposals by the ECI will go some way to improving the current situation.


More information can be found at
More information on the petition to stop the Strasbourg gravy train can be found at