MEP Welcomes EU Wide Cap Payment Transparency

08 November 2006
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith today welcomed the Commission'sannouncement that it will make access to CAP payments made within memberstates available online.

It is now possible to use the Commission website to check individualpayments under the Common Agricultural Policy in 11 member states. TheCommission hopes to display beneficiaries in all 27 member states by theend of 2009.

Speaking from Brussels Mr Smith said

"I am glad to see this increase in transparency. The details ofbeneficiaries are made available on line in Scotland so it's only fairthat this information is also made available across the European Union.

"Europe has been divided on this issue and there have been noticeabledifferences in the information displayed. It's good to see some actionbeing taken that may create a more standard system.

"In Scotland it would be good to see England and Wales acting astransparently as we are to balance out any difference.

"There have always been concerns about the absence of transparency inEuropean payments and that not all of the money was going to agriculturalbusinesses that were genuinely entitled to it.

"This new site from the Commission makes checking that information mucheasier across the EU and will hopefully ensure that CAP payments only goto those farmers who are really entitled to it.

"By being open about these issues we can hopefully be more confident that EU resources are being put to good use."