EU Hill Farming Report "Opportunity For Scotland"

29 May 2008
Scotland’s only full member of the European Parliament’s powerful Agriculture Committee Mr Alyn Smith has today (Thursday) called on Scots farmers and crofters to respond to a draft report before the Committee on “the situation and outlook for hill and mountain farming” in the EU.
Scotland has a clear interest in the report, and it contains already a number of positive suggestions to assist agriculture in hilly and mountainous areas. Mr Smith has passed a copy of the report to crafting and farming organisations, and will in consultation with them put down amendments to the report.

Speaking from Brussels Mr Smith said:

“The Agriculture Committee exists to ensure that the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy is working, and so it is my job to ensure that it is working in Scotland. I think on balance it is working well enough, but we can always improve so I want to hear from Scotland’s hill farmers.

“The report has a number of ideas for extra subsidy and assistance with marketing and transport, and I think it goes in the right direction.

“Scotland’s hill farmers and crofters have their backs to the wall of late, especially in the sheep sector, and it is vital that I leave no stone unturned in seeking how to open doors to Brussels support.”