It’s Time to Promote Green Industry

17 November 2006
SNP MEP, Alyn Smith, is backing calls in the European Parliament for increased support and promotion for Europe's green industry.

Mr Smith, the SNP's spokesman on Europe, has signed a written declaration that calls on the European Commission to adopt a number of measures aimed at strengthening the influence of the sector.

Speaking from Strasbourg Mr Smith said,

"With the global environmental industry expected to grow beyond $640 billion by 2010 it's essential the sector in Europe is able to realise its potential to be the world's most competitive knowledge based economy.

"The recommendations set down in this declaration will go a long way to helping this happen.

"A dedicated team to promote green industry in Europe will increase its influence in the global market and allow the industry to speak with one voice.

"I'm also very supportive of proposals to include industry representatives in all of the Directorate General for Enterprise's high level advisory groups and committees.

"It goes without saying that there is an environmental impact on all areas of policy making and by including the industry in the consultation process we can improve the quality of our decision making.

Mr Smith continued,

"It's time for Europe to take the lead in the environmental industry, not just for the benefit of member states and their economies but also for the benefit of the rest of the world.