Welcome For EU Ban On Cat And Dog Fur

20 November 2006
The European Commission have finally announced plans to implement an EU wide ban on the import, export and sale of cat and dog fur.

Scottish National Party MEP and Europe spokesman Alyn Smith today welcomed the announcement;

"We have been waiting a long time for this ban and I am glad to see it has finally arrived.

"Many people in Scotland and across Europe have strong affections for cats and dogs and do not want to find they are accidentally wearing cat fur or their children are playing with toys made from dog fur.

"There are several national bans but they are not enough to stop cat and dog fur being sold into the EU from countries like China, passed off as synthetic fur and used across Europe.

"The Parliament has asked for this EU wide ban, I now welcome it and hope it will be implemented swiftly.

"In doing so I must congratulate my fellow MEP Struan Stevenson on the work he has put in to promoting this issue which has no doubt helped to eventually secure this ban."

For further detail on the Commission proposal see