CIA Report Leaves Unanswered Questions

14 February 2007
Reacting to the final report from the European Parliament on alleged CIA activities in Europe SNP MEP Alyn Smith has expressed concerns that there are still unanswered questions and condemned the pressure applied to MEPs by national governments.

The toned down report was backed by 382 to 256 during today's meeting in Strasbourg.

After the vote Mr Smith said

"I am deeply disappointed that MEPs bowed to pressure from their member states to tone down large sections of the report.

"The European Parliament needed to send a clear message that not only are the alleged activities of the CIA unacceptable but the uncooperative behaviour of governments in front of the Parliament's committee will not be tolerated.

"There are still major concerns over what happened at Scotland's airports. We do not know and have not been told. This report does a good job in bringing greater clarity to the issue but does not answer those key questions.

"Once again I urge the Scottish Executive, in particular those Liberal Democrats in the Executive who freely call for an inquiry in London to back up their calls with an inquiry into events in Scotland.

"An SNP Executive will ensure that our airports are not used for illegal activities and that any wrong doing of recent years is fully exposed."