MEP Urges Scotland's Organ Donors To Carry Cards

11 June 2007
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith has urged all of Scotland'sresidents who would like their organs to be donated to help others to carry donor cards and to discuss their wishes with their families.

Mr Smith's call comes after an EU report showed 63 % of people in the UK wanted their organs donated but only 26% carried donor cards.

Speaking after the publication of the report Mr Smith said

"There are many people who wish to donate their organs but don't carry a donor card.

"Across Scotland there are shortages of donors and many people on waiting lists. If as many people carried cards as say they wish to donate then many more people could have the opportunity of a longer, healthier life.

"Organ donations save lives and many families find that after the death of a loved one, knowing that they are helping another can help them come to terms with loss.

"Decisions on organ donations are difficult for all involved and have to be made quickly, that's why it's important if you want to donate your organs that you carry a donor card and make sure your family and friends know your wishes.

"The option of introducing an EU wide donor card has been raised recently. With many more people moving across Europe for work I think this is something that should be looked at and would be interested to hear people's views."