Mobile Price Cuts Due Before Summer

11 June 2007
MEP Alyn Smith has welcomed the decision of European leaders to cut mobile phone roaming charges in time for this years summer holiday season.

Mr Smith who campaigned for the cut in charges and voted to reduce the charges in the European Parliament last month has welcomed the move by European leaders last week to introduce the cuts at the end of June.

The cuts will bring call costs down to 33 pence per minute for any call made and 16 pence per minute for any call received for the first year.

Mr Smith said:

"I am pleased to see European leaders moving quickly to support the Parliament's proposal.

"Across Scotland people pay far too much for the cost of calls when they are overseas and often come home at the end of a holiday to a huge bill they were not expecting.

"All customers are eligible for the new lower tariff and should be asked if they want to switch. I'd urge anyone who doesn't already have a special deal for overseas calls to switch as soon as possible and anyone who is on a deal to check the terms and conditions to see which one is better for you.

"Of course - you can always turn the phone off on holiday, but now holiday makers and business people know if they have to make a call they won't be ripped off.

"The new legislation on Mobile Roaming charges will enter into force at the end of June".