EU Offers New Boost for Scottish Organics

13 June 2007
New regulations on organic production were welcomed today by SNP MEP Alyn Smith, Scotland's only member of the EU Agriculture Committee.

The new regulations on organic production and labelling should be simpler for farmers, producers and consumers.

However Mr Smith expressed some concern at the level of GMO to be allowed in Organic produce.The new regulations will enforce production rules for goods labelledorganic, will ensure it is easier for consumers to know where theirproduce came from and what is in it and with an EU organic logo being brought in alongside national logos will allow consumers to make an informed choice about their food.

Mr Smith said:

"This is good news for organic food producers in Scotland. With such ahigh investment in animal welfare and environmental standards in Scotland, the new regulations will ensure that consumers now have labelling that will allow them to make informed choices about their purchases. Shoppers will now be able to have a much better idea about what they are buying.

"The SNP have continually pushed for tighter definitions and restrictions for food labels, especially in terms of GM and organic production, so this is a welcome move by the EU though I would like this regulation to go further in restricting GMO content

"While these changes are a step in the right direction, I will continue to push for increased restrictions on the use of GMOs in the EU and to see more areas of Scotland and the EU declare themselves GM free,significantly reducing the risk of contamination.

"The SNP Government is actively promoting an increase in organicproduction in Scotland. By improving access to financial support forbusinesses who wish to make the transition, we can ensure the success of this approach to farming in Scotland."