SNP MEP Holds Early Discussions on Scotland's Ferries

13 June 2007
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith this week met with Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson to discuss ferry issues up and down the West Coast of Scotland.

Mr Smith welcomed the opportunity for such an early meeting and the positive response from the new Transport Minister.

Speaking after the meeting Mr Smith said:

"It is very encouraging that the new Transport Minister met with me sosoon after his appointment and that ferries are obviously on his agenda.

"It is clear that going ahead with the Clyde and Hebrides tender is the best way to ensure that there are services in place that are secure.

"Significant time, money and resources have been invested in this process set up by Labour and the Lib Dems and I am more than satisfied with the Minister's reasons for continuing with the current tender.

"The SNP is committed to developing a long term, sustainable and viableferry service to and from Scotland's islands and peninsulas and I wil lwork closely with the Minister to achieve that.

"Ferries are not just a means of crossing the water, for Scotland'sislands and peninsulas they are crucial to economic growth and I amconfident an SNP government will deliver that economic growth and provide a genuine boost to Scotland's islands."