MEP Welcomes Ship to Ship Moves

28 June 2007
Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith has welcomed today's proposals before Parliament to give Scotland's Minister's powers over Ship to Ship transfer.

Mr Smith has twice met with the European Commission on this issue focussing on environmental concerns and the potential role of Forth Ports as the final decision maker.

The vote in the Scottish Parliament is expected to be successful and to ensure that Scottish Minister's can make the final decision.

Speaking from Brussels Mr Smith said:

"I am pleased to see the proposal before the Scottish Parliament this afternoon.

"I have always maintained that the Scottish Government could take action to prevent Ship to Ship transfer and I am glad to see that is happening under the SNP.

"It is wrong that Forth Ports who could benefit financially from the project occupy the position as final decision maker. The legislation before Parliament this afternoon will put that final decision where it belongs, in the hands of Scotland's government.

"I hope the Parliament will support that this afternoon and that we will be able to avert this potential environmental disaster from the Forth."