MEP to get Gourmet Day at Three Chimneys

10 July 2007
Diners at the Three Chimneys may be in for a surprise in a couple of weeks.

He won't be doing the cooking but the man doing the dishes could be SNP MEP Alyn Smith.

Mr Smith is spending the last few weeks of July on work experience across Scotland and will spend a day with Shirley Spears finding out how to run one of the world's best restaurants.

Mr Smith will be meeting local suppliers, finding out about sourcing produce and washing dishes.

Speaking before setting off on his work experience tour Alyn said:

"It seemed like the only way I'd get a table at Three Chimneys was to go and work there and Shirley has very kindly offered to look after me.

"Every year since being elected I have spent the summer working in different industries across Scotland, finding out how Europe affects them and how I as their MEP can help them.

"It's a great way to really meet people and show that MEPs don't spend all their time cooped up in Committee meetings in Brussels or Strasbourg.

"I'm really looking forward to my day with Shirley. I'm on the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee in the Parliament and that means not only responsibility for issues affecting farmers but also for our food.

"Skye has excellent local produce and the Three Chimneys puts it to great use. Skye, alongside other parts of the West Highlands, uses local food not just as something to sell, or to eat, but to attract tourists to the area and to build up local business.

"I'm keen to learn as much as possible from Shirley and for anyone who's got a reservation for that night, I promise I'll leave the cooking to the professionals."

Explaining why she took Mr Smith on for the day Shirley Spears said:

"I am particularly passionate about spreading the word regarding thewonderful high quality of our food and drink available in many of the most remote restaurants in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

"As most Europeans are so interested in other cuisine of any region and enjoy eating-out so much, I hope that all MEPs are upholding our reputation."